Go To Practice

Two weeks in a row now, I’ve had fairly big doubts about whether or not I should go to roller derby training. Last week it was because my brain chemistry had nose-dived and I wasn’t sure if a one-hour-plus bus journey across town was manageable. This week it was because a bruise on my hip had gotten pretty bad and I wasn’t convinced that falling on it again wouldn’t be intolerably painful.

Perhaps needless to say, I went to both. Vivi Section wrote a fantastic pep talk that’s been doing the rounds of the derby-centric bits of the net, simply titled ‘Practice‘. And everything in the blog is right, and applies to any activity, not just bumping into people on skates.

The brain chemistry was rescued by food and sleep, just in time to get on the bus. It was my best session to date, both in terms of how much I enjoyed it and how well I was skating.

The bruise healed up well enough to take part in this week’s session. It was even better.

So this post is a note to my future self: GO TO PRACTICE!


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